Our Story

“Cleaning Acapulco” was Julio’s first idea in college before what is now Grupo PROMESA was formed. The idea was to place containers throughout the bay, with hotels and restaurants responsible for their cleaning, in addition to a constant cleaning and sweeping campaign.

However, it wasn’t that easy. After putting this idea into practice, the bay remained the same. It was missing the communication to all people about the importance of doing it, it was missing environmental education.

With this experience and looking for a way to educate people and raise awareness among the largest waste generators, awareness campaigns, environmental consulting in corporations, as well as the development of waste management plans were carried out.

These activities were what gave rise to Grupo PROMESA as a company dedicated to transforming environmental education in the country. The above worked, but it was still not enough, the change had to be greater.

Over time, the opportunity arose to give the first environmental talks in schools, leading PROMESA to the conclusion that to achieve a lasting change, it had to start with the youngest and, what better place than schools. This is how Escuela PROMESA was formed.


The enthusiasm of the students led parents to start taking environmental action at work, leading Grupo PROMESA to create a program that focused on the needs of businesses or corporations that sought to fulfill their environmental commitment. This is how Empresa PROMESA was born, one of the pillar programs of PROMESA.

The great willingness of people and the trust that they were placing in Grupo PROMESA to raise awareness and more action in the face of some of the environmental problems we face, triggered our growth, since then we have been dedicated to inspire others to make significant changes in their lives and the environment.

Our mission

To inspire millions of people to take concrete environmental actions to live more sustainably.

Our values



In harmony with the environment, the community, and ourselves.

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We walk the talk and we are always looking for ways to reduce our environmental impact.

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It takes everyone to make a difference. We value, respect, and trust the work of our colleagues.

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We create educational programs that have a positive impact on our community and its environment.

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We know that change takes time and effort, and we are committed to working towards it every day.

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We are deeply committed to our work and to the positive impact it has on society.